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Brag: New Bag

I just want to take a moment to thank K.C. over at blackbunchedmassmom.com for sharing about this awesome tote from Gather Here, a yarn and craft store in her city. Thanks to K.C., I finally found a bag worthy of my buttons. 😉

It’s a nice quality canvas bag with enough room for a larger knitting project, but not so larger that it becomes unwieldy. Plus, I just love the phrase on the front of the bag. It’s appropriate and accurate.

And I didn’t have to feel too guilty about buying yet another tote bag because 10% of the proceeds are going to support the ACLU in Massachusetts (where the store is located).

Peace. ❤

7 thoughts on “Brag: New Bag”

  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Looking so awesome!!! LOOKS AWESOME!!!

    Loooove all your buttons! Rock them all and rock the bag! You are going to be the envy of all!

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    1. WHAT IS THAT PURE BEAUTY?! I have not seen that pattern. Omg. It’s gorgeous. Sizing it up… oh lord. What a pain. I’m working on halter tops right now and trying to figure out how to make a halter top for women with average chest sizes….


      1. Do you have the book Knit Wear Love by Amy Hezog? She has really lovely formulas for fitting different body types. Might be helpful for you!


          1. Did you look this up? I hope you did! Amy has two books for pattern fitting and making that would be right up your alley!


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