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Detroit Urban Craft Fair Begins Tomorrow!

Shop handmade from home this year. 🛍 There are SO many great makers showing up for the virtual show this year. I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited to get some holiday shopping done and still be able to support local makers.

Handmade Detroit had to get creative this year for DUCF and they killed it. Check out the web site and all the lovely makers selling their swag now through Dec. 6. Plus, visit the DUCF instagram for special events on Fridays and instagram takeovers by all the vendors.

Our instagram takeover over is Sunday, December 6, 9am – 2pm.

Real World

Creature Comforts During the COVID Era

Times are so crazy right now. I’m incredibly grateful for my health and safety right now! My family and friends have all been healthy and safe at home during this Covid era. And I couldn’t be more thankful.

Trying to keep myself busy over the last several months has been a challenge. I think we’re all discovering how much a health pandemic will mess with our minds. I’ve been dyeing yarn, learning to crochet, learning to garden, working on my house and playing with my dog. 🐶

I crocheted a bunch of towels in order to get some practice in for a bigger project that I’m working on. Butttttt somehow I still managed to crochet a shawl I’m working on into a triangle instead of a rectangle. 😂 Oops!

Another fun thing I’ve been able to do has been dyeing yarn with stuff growing in my yard! I was able to dye with mulberries this summer and coming up this week, I’ll be dyeing with pokeberries. Yay!

See you all soon — I hope! 🧡


Craft Markets

February Show VMKT!

I’m super excited to announce that Purl You Crazy was accepted into Handmade Detroit’s 8th annual VMKT. 🧡

Only 35 vendors were accepted out of 257 applications. 😲 So I am feeling incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to join this small show at the Majestic Theater.

I will have lots of new items for this love themed show. 😍 I hope that my squishy knit/crochet items help bring a smile to your face for Valentine’s Day.

See you all there! 😘



Craft Markets

Holidays Be Cray

Wow. The last few months have been a rollercoaster! I’ve had a lot of personal life changes and a ton of maker shows. So, I prioritized making things and getting to shows over updating the web site. 😓  Sorry friends! However, I was able to successfully navigate the holiday craft season. Yay!

I’ve just wrapped up my holiday shows and I’m now on to finishing up custom orders and preparing myself for a nice, deep holiday slumber. 💤

💜 Theresa

Shop Updates

First Show of the Year!

Just wrapped up two hot and sticky days at Detroit Maker Faire!

Reusable water balloons were a big, big, BIG success. Yay! I loved watching people test out the water balloons (of course, I had a bowl full of water with balloons in it to try out. I expected all the kids to throw them at each other…. but actually, adults tended to throw them at each other more than the kids. 🤣

Craft Markets

Detroit Urban Craft Fair

Guess who was accepted into the Detroit Handmade show for a second year?! That’s right – Purl You Crazy! Jen and I will be back and even more excited than ever. This is one of our favorite shows to attend and to vend. If you’ve never been to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair… GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER! You need to go. It’s an amazing show at the Masonic Temple in Detroit full of straight up bad ass makers and artists. ❤